Developing & embedding a social innovation toolkit for a North American telecom behemoth

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Developing & embedding a social innovation toolkit - Quantum CS


A major US telco wished to include social innovation as a key part of its new product development process due to increased importance placed growing sustainably, with purpose as the core.


Quantum firstly helped the client team to zoom out and identify key sustainability themes that are most critical for their business.

Following which, we co-designed on a social innovation syllabus for the client and then developed a modular toolkit with 15 different chapters covering all the essential skills and tools to develop new products and services that are addressing societal challenges.

New processes and procedures have been embedded in the client system and applied liberally across product development teams.


Our toolkit is released as the main tool supporting a company-wide change (more than100.00 employees). This toolkit is currently being developed further as an internal portal.

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