Quantum is a global insight, strategy & innovation consultancy that partners local businesses, international conglomerates & visionary start-ups.

We address complex problems organisations face by putting human understanding at the core of our solutions through extensive use of culture, insights, strategy & analytics.

Three trailblazing women launched Quantum market research to provide clients with invaluable insights that drive impactful strategic decision-making.

We mark thirty years as a market research company with a presence in 8 countries, offering Quantum consulting services that leverage social sciences to impact business success.


Quantum consulting services aim to deliver impactful insights that drive strategic decision-making.

Our market research services merge qualitative and quantitative approaches with digital listening and advanced analytics to drive your business forward

Quantum Consumer Solutions

What We Do

Clients reach out for Quantum consulting and Quantum market research services to resolve vexing issues that range from unravelling tough problems to creating interesting futures.

Our Services:

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Imagining Futures

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Purpose & Planet

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Brand Strategy


Business Consulting

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Our Team

Much more than a market research company we are a collective of anthropologists, semioticians, historians, behavioural economists, strategists, entrepreneurs, designers, and more. Our shared values & purpose influence the work that we do, with the aim of putting humans at the centre of brand futures. 

Our Team - Quantum CS

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