Quantum launches in Shanghai, China

Dec 18, 2019 | Pulse

Quantum Consumer Solutions – quantum launches in shanghai

Clients, collaborators and well-wishers gathered on 29th November to celebrate the grand opening of our Shanghai studio inside a beautiful green house on Fan Yu Road. After one and a half years of being operational it was exciting to finally host our official launch party for the China market.

Through the course of the evening, we introduced Quantum’s governing principles to the audience, who responded with support and enthusiasm. At the core of our offer lies our commitment to solving complex business problems using the principles of human sciences through the application of diverse disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, linguistics, history & design thinking.

Visual representation of our thinking was captured through an exhibition of photographs titled ‘Everyday, Everywhere’. The aim of the exhibition was to capture a multitude of people, events and places that we bear witness to but never really observe. For Quantum, these real-life moments play a crucial role in revealing the truth about culture and the conscious and subconscious ideas that shape people’s attitudes and behaviours.

Guests participating in the event were also exposed to varying types of outputs that demonstrated our ability to arrive at sensible, impactful & prioritised outputs that can be actioned with confidence. These were based on topical issues such as demographic and generational shifts (ageing and youth), sustainability and purpose, proposition development and lastly, unlocking new value, such as premiumisation.

Attendees who participated in this event represented diverse specialisms and industries. Among them were clients across industries such as CPG, retail, Internet, VC, personal care and many others. We would also like to extend our thanks to all of our partners that helped us make the impossible happen – field services, creative support and our network of experts.

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