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Quantum - Unlocking growth for a global music streaming company


A surge in on-demand audio content was seeing Indians adopt podcasts as a category. However, the overall number of listeners was still low, as was the consumption per listener.

Our client, a leader in this category globally, needed to unlock and drive growth of the podcast opportunity by deepening penetration and consumption, making them the preferred podcast platform.


Simply searching for ‘non-users’ is like groping in the dark, so we defined ‘High Potential Triers’ as those ‘Aware of Podcasts’ and with an affinity for audio content. Rather than simply study podcasts, we sought to understand the culture & meaning around spoken language and its meaning in life.

We also observed non-video entertainment and knowledge needs, the so called ‘phone down’ moments, and ‘placed podcasts,’ and got non-users to try it for a week.


Our learnings identified that the category lacked urgency and cultural meaning and attractiveness, and wasn’t able to help consumers discover its content superstars. It was not rewarding enough and was a struggle for consumers to fit it into their routines.

Heavy listeners, on the other hand, saw it as a space for enlightenment.

This led to the successful communication around ‘Podcast Pe Suna’ – positioning podcasts as a site for practical knowledge. A complete blueprint for growth among Potential Listeners was delivered, including a number of product re-design initiatives that emerged.

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