Identifying enablement drivers for older adolescent girls located in urban, underprivileged areas in India.

Human Insights


A global not-for-profit organisation wished to craft localised engagement strategies to offer content that might raise awareness around employability preparation, mental health and sexual-reproductive health for adolescent girls in India.


Quantum undertook extensive ethnographic fieldwork amongst girls aged 15 -19, SEC CDE, living in urban Indian cities. We understood not just the participant herself but also their peer group, circles of influence, gender dynamic and the physical habitat she occupies. In addition, we shed light on the role digital media plays in enhancing her knowledge around key topics.


Quantum prioritised a core identity-segment that required urgent attention, as they were high risk yet expressed a desire for social mobility, breaking gender norms and gaining employment. For this segment, we devised an Indian content strategy for this global organisation.

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