Co-developing the hand washing program for Lifebuoy



Lifebuoy has been one of the world’s leading purpose-driven brands, developing on-ground behavior change programs for handwashing to save lives. Over a 10-year partnership, we have helped Lifebuoy develop the various facets of this program.


We applied human-centred approaches to our program design work for Lifebuoy.

  • For behaviour change interventions, this meant a deeper understanding of the lives of our target, their deeper life motivations behind the simple act of hand washing and the language in which we needed to communicate with them.
  • For communication design, we focused on how we could bring the message of handwashing saving lives to Lifebuoy’s mainstream consumers
  • For market entry post-COVID, we focused on how the Future of Germ Protection was shifting post-COVID across different cultures


Development of the program across audiences, age-cohorts cultures and initiatives, resulting in positive behaviour change across the globe.

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