Assess impact of the pandemic on brand planning by revising our understanding of germs & hygiene

Brand Strategy Consulting


A leading health & hygiene brand wished to understand the shift sensibilities & behaviors due to the Covid – 19 pandemic. Specifically, how to remain relevant considering new sensibilities towards germs.


Quantum approached this from an eco-system perspective- consisting of desk work & macro socio-cultural & political factors in how countries narrative of pandemic has influenced consumers’ outlook. 

This was followed by a deeper dive into the consumer’s psyche & behaviours towards germs and germ protection to understand dominant & emergent themes. 

From thereon we engaged creative prosumers to bring alive the themes of germ horror stories, & germ protection hacks and ideas.


Quantum arrived at potent themes of relevant growth & communication spaces for the brand, to drive their mid-long term strategic brand directives.

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