Sustainability Springboards for Action Series: Part 1

Sep 7, 2022 | Resources


Purposeful business has the power to solve the worlds’ most complicated problem – Sustainability.  But in a world so sharply divided, who decides what the solutions look like? 

At Quantum we believe that sustainability is fundamentally a human problem. To drive impact, organisations need to focus on the human dilemmas and the cultural barriers at the heart of the issue; and build solutions that help resolve these challenges. 

In the first of our Springboards For Action series, our Purpose Practice would like to share some provocations around Cities & Communities – what divides and unites us in times of uncertainty.

Built from the sustainable development goals, these springboards are jumping off points for us to think differently about sustainability challenges and how your organisation can build solutions that deliver long term regenerative impact. 

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Download the springboard here

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