Reimagining hygiene

Aug 25, 2020 | Publications

Hygiene has now become one of the biggest defences against threat to human life. 

Risks from the suddenly hostile microbial world are inducing radical change in people’s attitudes and behaviours, requiring a revisit of the approach to hygiene. Risks are pervasive, no space is free of threat, dramatically altering behavioural norms and creating enormous amounts of tension. What does this mean to business and brands, especially those that are hygiene related?

In this PDF, we will share 8 ideas about reimagining hygiene:

1. Personal Space: fear over an unseen, unknown and suddenly hostile micro-world has caused a significant shift in our behaviours and routines. 2. Home & Family Space: risk mitigation becomes a holistic program involving everyone and everything coming into this space. 3. Social & Public Space: risks are causing changes in our defaulted perceptions and traditional social norms. 4. Earth Space: human activities have created lots of burden and damage to the earth, which turned out to be out of our reach. 5. Changing Category Landscape: blurred boundaries between the conventional and unconventional. 6. New Hygiene Definition: go beyond products and evolve to service. 7. Changing Stakeholder Network: rise of experts. 8. New purpose of business and brands.

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