Quantum’s Insight250 Winners

Sep 26, 2022 | Publications

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We’re thrilled that the 2022 Insight250 have been revealed and a big congratulations goes to Quantum’s Roshani Fernando from Sri Lanka and Kshipra Rustogi from India for making the Winners List!

This is an amazing achievement as the Insight250 features leaders, innovators, visionaries, and pioneers from all over the globe who are focused on elevating and enhancing market research, enterprise intelligence, and data-driven marketing.

The selection process is conducted with ESOMAR, the premier global market research association, and reviews a spectrum of candidate dimensions, including professional experience, academic accomplishments, published research, thought leadership, industry involvement, insight innovations and sector accolades, among others. We couldn’t be more proud of our Insight250 2022 Winners – a big CONGRATULATIONS to them both.

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