Quantum celebrates 30 years!

Aug 13, 2020 | Pulse

Like all journeys Quantum’s journey over the past 30 years has been magical and full of wonderous landmarks and happenings.

When we began in 1990, we had a wish and a dream, but we did not have a final destination or end goal in mind.

This is because for us the journey was one of shifting goal posts, new learning, explorations and deepening our relationships with our clients and the consumer as we grew year on year.

In the process we grew, evolved, changed and remained relevant to our changing portfolio of clients who partnered with us constantly encouraging us to be more than what we had set out to be.

As we journeyed, we collected fellow thinkers, dreamers, innovators, strategists, explorers, entrepreneurs across many countries. Today, if Quantum shines across many continents it is because of the quality of our people, as also, the quality of our clients.

Each decade the baton of excellence was passed down to younger heroes of the business and a new imagination and vision emerged with every change of leadership.

The company’s footprint covers India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and the UK but Quantum’s reputation and influence is far wider.

It grows stronger as fan clients move companies and locations across the world. We can proudly say we have been behind the creation and rejuvenation of many brands and have an attitude of custodianship for all the brands we work for.

On this occasion I want to thank all our employees and clients for believing in Quantum and its value of “designing a better future with brave new thinking”. May we grow in force, energy and purpose for many more years to come.

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I would like to end with a few lines from the mystic Rumi

“Come, seek, for seeking is the foundation of fortune: every success depends upon focusing the heart… Even though you’re not equipped, keep searching…

Day and night you are a traveller in a ship. You are under the protection of a life-giving spirit… Leave the seat of honour behind: the Journey is your seat of honour.

With best wishes Dr K

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