Exploring opportunity spaces for a new RTD fruit tea brand targeted at Chinese Gen Z

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Exploring opportunity spaces for a new RTD fruit tea brand - Quantum CS


A leading F&B brand wished to develop a new RTD tea product to engage young Chinese consumers in this competitive, yet high growth space.


Quantum explored consumer themes to frame opportunity spaces and relevant beverage benefits. The team conducted consumer deep dives to understand life themes, motivations, tensions, key beverage consumption moments, related beverage needs and current choices.

We then developed and leveraged specific insight-driven innovation platforms.

Based on our fieldwork insights, we crafted compelling  platforms and used them with the client to generate a broad range of differentiated starter concepts.


The team validated starter concepts with consumer groups,  collecting their feedback and steers to arrive at guiding principles and elements, so that we could refine the product ideas to have a winning edge.

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