Consumer Consulting


Unites all known string theories within a single theoretical framework which is not yet fully understood or known

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Quantum 360 Consumer Consulting

Helps businesses navigate effectively through a fast morphing, increasingly unreasonable consumer world.

Nothing in the consumer world today is moving along a predictable linear path. Over the last decade, forces like the Internet, mobile telephony, liberalization, digitization, modern format retail, accelerated urbanization and media revolution have completely transformed the way consumers and businesses connect. This ecosystem is shifting rapidly to transform reality every moment.

To navigate through this increasingly unreasonable consumer world, marketers need disruptive thinking.

Our work involves:


Orienting businesses and brands to the shifting world of consumers and deciphering the new algorithms and codes of consumer marketing


Aligning marketing strategies, which help navigate this increasingly unpredictable world.


Forecasting emerging opportunities and helping companies build proactive innovation pipelines that drive sustained growth and health for their brands in the future.


Qualitative Research


Energy latent in all matter that can transform itself and radiate as any other form of expressed energy

Qualitative Research


Quantum has been a pioneer in establishing qualitative research as a distinct discipline and a critical tool for marketing.

During our exciting journey of 21 years and with our vast experience across categories we continue to create several customized techniques that are successful in a pan cultural context.

We believe in staying ahead of the curve and are dedicated to introducing seminal analysis models to understand aspirations, anxieties and motivations that underlie consumer behaviour. We are trained to look beyond the explicit and access the subconscious to unravel complex consumer emotion and identify powerful insights.



Magnetic Field

Influences trajectory of matter and is the bedrock of our ability to predict the path and amplitude of all objects



Ethnography is a discipline and a skill that requires more than the mere observation of consumers in-situ.

A true range and depth of insight emerges from a deep understanding of the environmental and socio-historical context in which behaviour occurs.

When understood fully, Ethnography provides opportunities that may not have been identified by a simple reportage of observed behaviour.

We believe that the discipline is incomplete without an immersion into the cultural, environmental and inherited traditions of the subject.

Our specialist team of anthropologists and sociologists use a combination of observation, conversation and external references to create a complete consumer picture that carries a culturally sensitive footprint.

Our People


Consumer Experience


Energy released as a result of movement and agitation, causing measurable change and making the experience of matter more meaningful

Consumer Experience


Quantum Live facilitates first hand consumer participation.

Our extensive field networks across Asia enable highly efficient on-ground participation in consumer reality.

We provide consumer experiences with a difference: our clients not only meet consumers but have the opportunity to walk a mile in their shoes.

Through firsthand mediated or unmediated consumer encounter sessions, clients experience, observe and interact with their consumers. A sensitized, intuitive approach with guidance from experienced researchers allows clients to form their own impressions and perceptions.